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Processes are programs that are currently running. Answer process are instances of the programs running on the computer. A computer program itself is just a passive collection of instructions, while a process is the actual execution of those instructions.

2 points submitted 9 days agoThis might be a stupid question but, did you go into VATS and press the critical button before firing the shot (I think it the button on XB1)? The game doesn spell this out for you and my wholesale replica designer handbags buddy had this issue. He didn realize that crits don happen automatically on a percentage based chance like in most games. You have to wait for KnockOff Handbags the critical meter to fill, select a body part in VATS, press the critical button, and then take your shot.

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Feeling extremely powerless purse replica handbags against the end of my PPL routineI mean, it sort of defeats the purpose of single leg DL to hold onto something to balance. Foot (I always feel the burn in my feet) and hip stabilization is a big part of what Replica Designer Handbags you’re improving with this exercise, as you can’t go heavy enough for strength/hypertrophy of your glutes and hams. And that stabilization will help with your heavier squat and deadlifts and hip thrusts form.

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