An in camera light meter is

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An in camera light meter is
This tutorial will give you an overview of how your camera’s light meter works, the different metering modes and how metering in general works.
Understanding the internal light meter of my camera is one of the best skills I’ve ever learned. It helps me to shoot in fully manual mode, so that I 
17 Sep 2017 – 5 min – Uploaded by Jared PolinPhotography HACK: How To Use The Light Meter In Your Camera To Get The Right Exposure
10 Dec 2013 – 4 min – Uploaded by UK Highland PhotographyIf you don’t already know then let us guide you on how your DSLR’s built in light meter does
You have to know how to use a light meter. This is going to give you an edge when it comes to correctly exposing your photography. Image of a camera screen 
Free video tutorial with Mike Browne puts you in the know about your camera’s light meter.
Calibration of cameras with internal meters is covered by ISO 2721:1982; nonetheless, many 
Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration.
The camera is aimed at the subject, and TTL automation exposes the picture. However, the camera’s reflective light meter sees different scenes differently.
Learn the basics of light meters and see how you can incorporate them Using an in-camera light meter is great because it’s always there with 
All cameras, including iPhones and other smartphones, have built-in exposure meters. The job of the meter is to measure the light and return 
Back in the old days of photography, cameras were not equipped with a light “meter”, which is a sensor that measures the amount and intensity of light.
Today we’re taking a look at the once ubiquitous light meter, and how it can still help you in today’s world of cameras attempting to do it all for 
All in-camera light meters have a fundamental flaw: they can only measure reflected light. This means the best they can do is guess how much light is actually 
Why, you may ask, do I need a handheld light meter, when the one inside my camera works fine? Well, the answer is accuracy. If you want to be 
A camera measures light from the object. In museum practice we wish to measure the light falling on the object, preferably in lux. For a given incident lux the light 
In most situations your camera’s light meter can properly read the brightness of a scene and suggest the optimum exposure settings to capture 
Although meters in digital cameras have come a very long way and become extremely advanced, metering with film often isn’t so simple.
The computerized meter inside your camera can and will be tricked in a variety of lighting situations (too much black or too much white). Hand-held Light Meters 
There are two types of exposure meters – incident and reflective. The exposure meter built into your camera is a reflective light meter, meaning that it measures 
Join Ben Long for an in-depth discussion in this video, Understanding the light meter in the camera, part of Introduction to Photography.
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A camera light meter is used to precisely measure the amount of light around you so you can always be sure you are using the correct 
These days nearly all cameras have built in light meters and a number of metering ‘modes’ to calculate exposure settings. A handheld light meter might be used 
A camera’s built-in light meter can easily be tricked into giving an incorrect exposure. The most common problem is a bright background behind the subject such 
The in-built meter found inside DSLR cameras measures light reflecting off a subject and then calculates an appropriate shutter speed and aperture size for the 
A metering sensor.This sensor is located inside the camera, where it measures the brightness of the subject when exposed to light. Metering is used to measure 
Up until the 1960s most cameras didn’t have light meters built into them. Everyone use separate light meters, or just guessed the correct camera settings.
Adorama Photography TV presents Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace. In this episode, Mark demonstrates how to make sure your light meter is properly 
While the built-in metering in high-end digital cameras has reduced the need for photographers to own a standalone light meter, it hasn’t removed it entirely.
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Your camera uses a light meter to figure out the correct exposure settings for any scene. Like most “automatic” camera features, you do have 
Build a simple incident light meter for old meterless film cameras. Find this and other hardware projects on
If you’re interested in filmmaking, you’re definitely going to want to invest in a light meter. This essential tool is vital for testing the dynamic range of your camera 
This is due to the way an in-camera light meter works. When obtaining an exposure, generally your subject should be the brightest part of the image in order to 
A reflected light meter with spot metering (using the device’s camera) and an incident light meter (using the device’s light sensor) in one app. Tested accurate 
Light Meters are a useful accessory when using film cameras. They can measure the amount of light and determine the most beneficial shutter speed and f/stop.
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Why buy a separate meter when you can buy a complete camera with a built in meter for less than a separate professional meter? Yes, for the same price or less 
A light meter that is always in your pocket. It is indispensable for film photography with all manual camera. Measures reflected light, and allows reciprocity 
If you really want to step up your photography game, you need to learn how to use your camera’s light meter to help you get improved exposures.
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Of course, an incident light-meter is always a great idea, but has become We can interpret our camera’s meter reading, or use the histogram 
The versatility of today’s cameras is expanding at an amazing rate. Digital SLR [] The smallest and lightest digital light meter in the Sekonic line-up. [].
These days auto exposure metering is a given. But back in the ‘golden days’ of film, or when photographers had to hire porters to carry their gear, this was not 
If you’re using a camera that was made this century, then it likely has a built-in reflective light meter. That means there’s no need for a handheld light meter, right?
With it’s 2.7″ color touch screen and truly innovative and sophisticated features, the Sekonic L-858D-U Speedmaster Light Meter leads the way to the next 
Reflected metering is built into cameras, whereas incidental metering needs a separate handheld light meter. In the old days, when we all shot on film, every pro 
But I finally realized I’d been carrying the perfect light meter all this time: my mirrorless digital camera! I gave it a shot and it’s all I use since then.
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If you are at all like me, then your camera’s light metering mode – or simply ‘metering mode’ – is not something that occupies a lot of mental 
We recently received an email from a student who was struggling to understand the difference between in-camera and handheld light metering.
The three ways to use a light meter and when to use which. point the meter directly at the camera, the dome reads the collective light from all 
By utilizing a handheld meter you will read the scene more precisely than relying on the camera’s built-in meter. All digital camera read light a 
Sekonic makes tools such as light meters, color meters and illuminometers to Save time and money by getting it right in-camera instead of in post-production.
Handheld reflected light meters (including built-in camera meters) read the intensity of light reflecting off the subject. Because they measure the light after it hits 
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Light meters are either already present and are built into a camera, or they come as an external handheld meter. This light meter buying guide throws light on the 
The measurement of this light is called “photometry” or “metering.” Cameras use built-in light meters, which base their auto exposure values on meter information 
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See how a hand-held light meter will help you get better exposures, even if you are using a digital camera. 27 Nov 2011 12:00AM by ePHOTOzine | Exposure 
Histograms and light meters are two built-in tools that are available on SLR cameras for photographers to check their exposure before and after they take a 
Your camera light meter is a pretty amazing piece of kit. It has lots of computational power, can meter different parts of the scene selectively and 
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When you look through the viewfinder of a 35mm film camera with a through-the-lens (TTL) light meter, you will see the meter to the side or bottom of the frame.
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Your camera’s light meter is calibrated to expose for the mid tone of 18% gray, and for average photos (ones that aren’t too white or too black), this usually works 
The TTL meter measures the intensity of light reflected from the subject into the camera by way of the lens, which is the best way to meter from an in-camera 
Reflective metering in the metering you know from DSLRs; light is reflected off your subject and back into the camera. While this kind of 
So, what exactly is light metering? Light metering is how your camera decides what your exposure settings should be based on the amount of light that is hitting 
In another clear and concise tutorial, photo instructor Radhakrishnan Chakyat explains the theory behind three in-camera light metering modes, 
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Built-in light meter is the only electronical feature of my Olympus OM-1, I can meter it in my head and just set the camera without thinking 
If you have a scene your filming with a specific camera setting in mind, like f-stop, a light meter can help you measure your lighting setup and make adjustments 
Your camera needs the right amount of light in order to make a well exposed photograph. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use your 
In contrast to the reflected light measurement of the camera-internal exposure meters which measure the light reflected by the object, the 
An external light meter (most often simply referred to as a light meter) is a as Aperture and Shutter priority modes on your camera are autoexposure modes.
This happens because a camera’s light meter measures the amount of light reflected from a scene and it’s calibrated to make the subject a 
“Metering Mode” may also be called “Camera Metering”, “Exposure and challenging for light meters to determine the exposure, when there are objects.
How I Get Perfect Flash Photos Without A Light Meter we do anything else, we have to set the settings on the camera for our ambient light.
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With the proliferation of digital cinema cameras these days, I often get asked, “Do you really need to use a light meter? After all, isn’t the whole 
Photo Friend: exposure calculator & light meter. e-mail icon know their way. The app works as a light meter by using the phone camera and the light sensor.
Advanced If you have a high-tech DSLR camera, you are probably thinking it’s already got a perfectly good on-board light meter. Why would you want to invest in 
Your camera’s built-in light meter measures reflected light. Understanding the different metering modes & when to use them will help you properly expose your 
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Test it against another meter that you trust. It’s easy to forget, but if you have modern camera, you likely have a meter you can use for this test. Almost any SLR 
As digital cinema cameras become the norm on set, people often ask, “Do cinematographers really need a light meter? Isn’t digital imagery simply ‘What You 
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Understanding exposure is the first thing a photographer must learn. Fortunately, the meter that is built into our cameras makes it so easy to learn. First of all 
Please put your camera on manual exposure mode. It is “M” in the PASM dial. Now you will see a light meter in your view finder which looks like this: For most 
A light meter is an essential tool to properly expose your scene, play with contrast ratios, and even test your camera’s dynamic range.
The good news is there are several great new light metering apps for You can also use the front facing camera to take “light meter selfies.
The concept of light metering is often a point of confusion for newbie photographers. I’m going to try to explain everything about digital metering 
All digital cameras are equipped with a built in light metering system. The camera’s light metering system reads the luminance (brightness), and intensity of the 
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Just about every modern camera has a light meter built in. basics of how a light meter works, the options available, and how to use the meter.
When we photograph snow, we need to pay closer attention to the light metering in our cameras. Manufacturers have different terms for their in-camera meters.
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Some photographers use external light meters (outside the camera) to determine exposure. Correct exposure is the combination of aperture and shutter speed for a given ISO that retains as much detail as possible in both the dark and light areas of an image. A lux meter is an
Learn how to use a handheld light meter to get consistently exposed photos. Although digital cameras have in-camera meters, the in-camera meter can meter 
Exposure meter, also called light meter, photographic auxiliary device that measures every modern camera, both film and digital, comes with a built-in meter.
Photographers can use an independent light meter to configure their camera. Anyone who knows a photographer knows that a photographer’s 
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Use a spot light meter (reflective metering); Set the ISO and shutter speed on the light meter to match the camera’s current ISO or gain and shutter speed or 
Metering light is not just a way to make sure the camera can see a subject, Back when shooting film, the light meter was the only sure way of 
Practically all cameras have a built-in light meter to measure the amount of light in a scene and either adjust the exposure automatically (auto 
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Skip reading the ambient light (what a meter does), and just snap off a few pictures. Look at the back of your camera. Tweak your exposure to see what you want 
An exposure meter (short form meter, commonly light meter) is an instrument that For reversal (slide) film or electronic cameras incident light 
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[Marc] has an old Voigtländer Vito CLR film camera. The camera originally came with an analog light meter built-in. The meter consisted of a 
I review the various exposure metering modes including Multi, Spot and Highlight Mode Fast Low-Light AF when using Sony Alpha Cameras.
Or the old folding camera that your grandparents had? You can use your phone (there are plenty of accurate light meter apps around these 
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A light meter objectively measures the light and breaks it down according to the functions of a camera. There are two kinds of light meters: 
If my iPhone’s light meter app is reading scenes several stops off should I trust that or the camera? I’m looking forward shooting with a zenit 
LightMeter for Android or myLightMeter for iOS are different names for an app Reflected light metering needs a camera, and the author warns 
Most, if not all, modern 35mm/APS SLR cameras come with some form of built in light metering system. The finer points of how specific lightmeters actually 
In addition to cameras and lenses, photography related tools come in all sorts of Adjust the ISO, shutter speed or aperture freely until the camera’s light meter 
Although light meters are everywhere nowadays in digital cameras, learning to meter by eye is still one of the most useful skills a photographer 
In non-technical terms a light meter allows you to quickly measure the power of a that you would set your aperture to on camera for a properly exposed image.
The light meter in our camera is a great example of the later. When we use our camera’s light meter, the light has already been reflected off our 
I have my first Light Meter and has noticed there is quite a difference Color Checker passport so I can calibrate the Light meter to my camera .
10 camera exposure meters to assist you acquire better photos. Extremely convenient photometers that enable you to assess LUX illumination anyplace.
Exposure Meters. Until the arrival of commercially available dry plates in the late1870s there was little requirement for a meter to measure the light. Variations in 
In Chapter 2 you’ll learn how to use the histogram, the light meter, your camera exposure and metering modes, the exposure compensation button and how to 
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In simple words, a light meter is a device and a technology used to help the camera and the photographer to expose the scene correctly by 
Complete your studio with a light meter, wireless transmitter or portable power sophisticated camera metering system can be fooled by extremes of contrast.
You may be happy with your in-camera light meter or satisfied with the iPhone camera and software figuring out the exposure and shutter speed. There are still 
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I have an old Gossen Luna-Pro F meter and I am trying to decide if I need to replace it. I have tried metering a scene with different cameras and 
If you’re always on the lookout for old 35mm cameras to actually use The best way to do this is with a fresh battery and an external light meter.
With modern DSLR’s, we often take exposure metering for granted, knowing that our camera will nail the exposure 99% of the time.
To set the exposure correctly it is good to know how the in-camera light meter works, and how it is calibrated. So, what is exposure meter 
Histograms and Light Meters: How They Work Together . That is why using a light meter, along with your camera’s histogram, is the best way to assure 
Video created by Michigan State University for the course “Camera Control”. Welcome to Course TWO! From previous lessons, you have 
Years ago, photographers used to shoot without light meters. to figure out how standard metering will work against your camera’s light meter.
The light hitting the meter will be read and the meter will give you a value, now set the camera for this value and your getting a correct exposure 
Well your camera has an in-built light meter. When you are in manual mode and you look through your viewfinder (that is where your eye looks into your camera) 
That’s why for precise exposure metering, you can either use aids that help the camera’s built-in light meter, or use external light meters. These 
Today I’m answering this question, straight off the film forum boards…”Do I need an hand held meter, or can I just use my camera’s internal light 
Today’s digital cameras use advanced algorithms and sensors to properly measure Lumu turns your iPhone into a dead-simple light meter.
consult with the instructor. If you are having problems with the camera’s built-in light meter, you can use a handheld light meter instead.
A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have thought it possible that I could use a camera without a light meter. How would I have even the faintest 
This is inherent of how they work. All built-in light meters measure light on the basis of reflectance. Plus,all camera systems are hard-wired to 
As a matter of fact, the f/16 rule was the must for taking pictures with old style cameras, since they were not equipped with built-in light-meters, 
Tim Wheeler explains how you can improve your success rate when photographing dark and light objects. Most camera iight meters are good 
Controlling the light and mastering the exposure is the mantra for success as a photographer. Understanding the camera’s metering is akin to 
The brightness of the setting sun fools the camera’s light meter. Unless the in-camera logic or the photographer take care to compensate, the 
Something that is often a point of confusion for newbie photographers is concept of light metering. The cameras of old had fairly simple ways of 
Your camera has a built in light meter, which takes a reading of the light in any given scene and can calculate the best exposure settings based on this reading.
Before Cadmium-Sulfide (CdS) and Silicon (Si/Sbc) battery-powered meters came onto the scene in the 1970s, most camera light meters were selenium* and 
iPhone light meter app does what standard gadgets can do in calibrating the light on your subject to suggest the best settings for your shot.
With regards to [1]. The digital camera + monitor (or scope) IS a light meter. The best you’ve ever had. That’s the twist in electronic acquisition.
When you click the shutter, the camera’s onboard light meter first measures the reflected light coming through the lens, then computes how 
ISO is the sensitivity of your camera sensor to light. . Use your light meter to determine if you should adjust your camera’s shutter speed.
In these situations, as well as for those using a camera that does not have The type of photocell determines the meter’s sensitivity to light and 
All DSLR cameras have internal light meters that attempt to determine the proper exposure setting for a picture. However, depending on the 
However, things have changed and thanks to the current technology, digital cameras are equipped with an inbuilt light meter which eliminates 
I always carry my Nikon F100 with my view camera to use for choosing a composition and to use as a light meter. Yes I know I am supposed to 
Light meters are absolutely crucial when shooting on film, but are they necessary in the digital age? Modern day cameras have a range of tools 
Modern cameras use reflected light meters that work through the lens (TTL). So-called spot metering in cameras is better thought of as small-area metering; 
Cameras judge proper exposure based on how much light is reflecting off of the scene back to the camera. This is called “Reflective Metering”.
Your camera’s light meter reads the light reflecting back from every part of the scene shown in the viewfinder to generate a mean exposure from all reflectances 
That said, one needs to bear in mind that a camera’s light meter is designed to see an approximate middle 18 percent gray reflectance (see the Using a Gray 
hen photographing on location, the available light is invariably the starting point The camera’s built-in meter is an accurate way of metering the available light, 
Video cameras come with a built-in light meter, which determines how much light to let into the camera for proper exposure. You can manually override the light 
Normally, camera light meters are colorblind.ButwithIFCL, the T2i/550D has a color-sensitive exposure sensor inside the camera that has two separate layers; 
That is, if your meter reading is 1/500th of a second at f/11, use 1/500th second Your camera’s light meter will do a good job of calculating the right exposure, 
An incident light meter diffuser dome is shown in raised (left) and lowered (right) positions. 4.28 Workshop at Tanfield railway, UK. Compact cameras will have a 
Episode 106 – How to win a FREE Sekonic L858D light meter. 10d ago 12:28 How would you like to win a light meter? In this episode of the Master .. Episode 85 – My first month with the Nikon Z7 Mirrorless Camera33:47. 5M ago 33:47.
Getting ready for the first piece to camera of the day in Warsaw for Euronews Smart . The body also houses a battery that powers the shutter, flash, light meter, 
This article will take a look at some of the common misconceptions about white balance, as well as taking a look at White-Balance-by-Kelvin.
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Shutter speed, ISO and exposure compensation are on the top of the camera are .. Instead, it’s your camera’s light meter itself that changes so you can adjust 
One of the latest offerings by Leica is the C-Lux compact camera which features . The camera features no electronic parts whatsoever, no light meter or 
0 DIOPTER for Leica M Cameras up to and including the M6-TTL $24. The Leica M6 also features TTL (Through The Lens) light metering for accurate 
This basic light sensor circuit is of a relay output light activated switch. The difference in . It is used in camera light meters, and street lights. jpg File size: 36.
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Fieldpiece pioneered modular expandability, a concept where a single meter uses multiple slide-on accessory Super fast, light, rugged recovery machine.
The distance (in inches or meters) of the camera to the marker in step 1. light estimation and position-tracking information to Pupil Distance Meter is an iOS 
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Here is a cool light meter project (complete with hookup instructions and code) .. Amazon Echo. motion sensor, Insight Switch, light switch, camera, and app.
Light Meter by WBPhoto has free and paid versions. several VFX supervisors have adopted the use of Ricoh’s Theta 360 camera to quickly 
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V-Lux bridge camera series We called the hot-and-almost-here .. that give the M7 a leg up over the M3 are the light meter and auto exposure.
Proper UV-pass camera filters seem far beyond my budget. Then comes the light metering: the UV pass filter should be held over the photocell of the light meter 
저자: Leica Camera시청 횟수: 171KLeica Camera AG번역 보기https://us. A Nikon .. When the M6 came out with an internal light meter, 2018-04-08 · Hey guys!
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The DMXcat system is designed for use by the lighting professional who is .. Light Meter (Android only) Useful for setting light levels for on camera use.
In this system 1 meter telescopes have replaced the Baker-Nunn cameras video camera and a microcontroller with a serial and an onboard light source to the 
The f/8 lenses of the Polaroid Miniportrait camera combined with a My Sekonic light meter showed aperture 18 at ISO 3 (unfortunately you 
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However, it gets problematic and challenging for light meters to determine the hard drives, printers, and cameras to your computer Kestrel ELITE Meter with 
So even if you are on the south coast of mainland Australia and a magnetometer local to you is registering very little activity, if Hobart’s magnetometer is going 
This was a step towards the first permanent photograph taken with a camera. slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material Photography definition, the SYNONYM(S) : Midlevel clouds form between 6,500 feet (2,000 meters) and 
I own an R and it is a fine camera but it could use some native . Just make the (now 300k pixel) light meter slightly higher resolution and add 
I do this in manual mode with the Pentax cameras; it also works with my Ricoh TLR and a handheld light meter (my Samsung Galaxy J3 with the Light Meter app) 
Arduino Light Meter Project, Part 1: Develop an Algorithm in MATLAB. Title Light-Up Disco Table using Arduino Lightning Shutter Trigger for a Camera using 
The Lumix S1R is one of the most capable cameras ever made, from its are all but invisible, even in the small text of the light meter display.
My nikon Nikon d3200 can’t change f-stop? or use a light meter app on your smart The router may be connect-How to Use DSLR Camera as a Webcam.
Leica M6 TTL 35mm RangeFinder Camera Body (Black) is a preferred choice . Gallery Favourite Images No one can fix my Leica M6 TTL light meter (not even 
Lux Meter is a very easy to use android app to measure the various levels of lux in both If the camera reports correct values, Tape Measure will work properly.
The meter has not been tested and the camera may need new light seals. Comes with an extra 50mm Ricoh lens for spares. The lens looks 
4 Asph Lens Hk7893x. com : Leica M7 Rangefinder 35mm Camera w/ . . Without battery, full-mechanical camera without lightmeter Pure M.
5 Lens is very very sharp. ca: Camera & PhotoRecensies: 9Konica Hexanon .. First bayonet Mount I Version for Konica F (with cross-coupled light meter) First 
Despite the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 camera’s promising features, soft light for a distance of around 5 to 7 meters. battery xiaomi m365 
Each camera integration will need to be individually updated, for the first version . Utility Meter – Currently the offset configuration parameter is an integer Fix lifx light async error (@awarecan – #22031) (lifx docs) (beta fix) 
No, I took these pictures with my favorite camera. nothing but a Nokia N95 camera phone and a Minolta Hi Matic with a broken light meter 
The 98-foot-tall (30-meter) rocket fired its solid-fueled first stage at 10:50:35 and high-power tracking cameras showed the booster dropping away as . second stage of Vega-C to become the main stage of the Vega Light.”.
The Leica M10 is a digital camera in Leica Camera AG’s rangefinder M series. Key features . The Leica M Type 240 has three light metering methods. 8 will be 
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3% similar) Vintage Petri v6ii slr 35mm camera cds light meter auto lens see photos. PETRI PENTA V6 入手 ある方から、「古いカメラが眠って 
Camera is in great condition, light brassing on film advance. Around 1984 came Leica M6 with TTL Metering which the M3, M2, M4, M4-2, 
In this document we sometimes refer to raw files from commercial cameras or . Light Meter, Sound Level Meter, PH Meter, DCA/ACA Clamp Meter RCCB 
Camera ke alawa yahan aapko photographic equipments, photographic light, photographic films, lenses aur light meters bhi dekhne ko milenge. Also known as 
A camera consists of a lens which focuses light from the scene, and a camera Meter is represented as a sequence of x and / symbols, where x represents an 
Dorrough 10-PS 15V DC Power Supply for 10 Series Meters. . including meter bridge with 4 assignable Dorrough peak/RMS light meters. .. Loudness Meter favorite this post Mar 10 18 Channel CCTV Security Camera 
Regrettably Ricoh exited 35mm cameras in 1999, to concentrate on digital .. 8 LTM mount, a metal lens hood for the 50mm and a working Canon light meter.
1968 Miranda Sensorex Camera Ad – View the Spot Meter. . dust inside the viewfinder, the light meter doesn’t work, scratch on the upper left side of the case 
Everything works, including the light meter. Strength: ~All mechanical, so no batteries reqired to operate the camera, though it does need a 3V battery for the 
Monitor VU-meter is beat detection- trigger lighting effects, build a set . Wireless/Wired Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera w 8 Meter $69 Why is my 
The Nikon F2SB Photomic camera offers the serious photographer the ultimate in quality, results over a wide range of lighting conditions, including low-light levels. The F2S’ DP-2 meter is rated three stops better, to LV-2 (8 seconds at full 
Best App for Timestamp app for iPhone photo camera – iPad. .. Denver Video Production Company In a jam, having a light meter on your iPhone is a great 
95 AD8307 USB 0-500MHz RF Power Meter allows to measure the power I currently own an octocopter with 1 m span and added a camera with . how powerful cell phone radiation is when it powers a light from thin air.
Yongnuo Phottix Magmod Flash accessories Continuous Lighting Strobe Light Light meter Bags Dubai Cameras, ASMA TRADERS, Alfahidi 
Honor 7x notification light. Having a camera flash allows you to take photos in low light. Huawei Honor 7X Price in .. 87 posts Thanks Meter: 36 . Check all 
A TOF-based camera emits an infra-red light (like a TV controller), hitting a target. . CMOS Sony EXMOR R IMX055CHL sensor side+size meter 1/4″ 4. Market 



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